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About Nitzanim

Nitzanim is an afternoon Israeli Hebrew School, located in Fair Lawn, NJ. We are the oldest Hebrew language Israeli school in Northern New Jersey, founded over 25 years ago by a group of parents. Nitzanim is a non-profit organization, managed by volunteer parents and staffed with skilled professional teachers. Our program is tailored for children 5-13 (K through Bnei Mitzvah).

Nitzanim has created a space for children of Israeli families to learn to read, write and speak in modern Hebrew within an Israeli environment. This “Israeli bubble”, is created by celebrating Israeli holidays, learning Israeli songs and dances, discussing current events and teaching the history of our people, in a similar way to that taught in Israeli elementary schools.

All Nitzanim teachers are experienced in teaching Hebrew in US classrooms. Our textbooks and workbooks are carefully selected and brought over from Israel. The educational material focuses on original Jewish and Israeli content in a non-religious setting. Children are also introduced to Torah stories and the very best of the “Israeli bookshelf”, music, dance and play.

Community Activities

In addition to the school, Nitzanim serves as a community organization bringing together generations of Israelis in Bergen County. We organize community events around holidays and ceremonies and provide a place for families to feel at home, whether they are new to the area or have been here for decades

Ulpan Class

Nitzanim School offers a unique program for children that do not speak Hebrew at home. Our Ulpan class is meant to teach and practice modern, spoken Hebrew conversational skills, beginner reading and writing, and create and enhance the children’s vocabulary. The Ulpan class is taught by an experienced teacher, tailoring the program to each child’s level and abilities. Ulpan class students participate in the School’s music and dance lessons as well as holidays, ceremonies, parties and family events

Registration Information and Documents

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